JOMA Arts supports independent and collaborative efforts to create quality artistic productions or events that reflect the experiences of our increasingly diverse communities.


is a work-in-progress adapted from the book, "Voices of Freedom". The book was a supplement to a documentary film titled, “Eyes on the Prize” by Henry Hampton and aired on PBS stations in the late 1980’s. It is a travelogue and a memory book of some of those voices who used the darkness of racism to define the light of freedom.Told through the voices of actual participants, “Walkin ...” is grounded in a specific time period of the Civil Rights Movement (1955-1968) and weaves the viewer through a tapestry of situations ending in current times (21st century), as seen – and told – through the eyes of Emmett Till.

I Once Was Lost

The memoir/testimony of young man who moved from a seemingly charmed life, to utter hopelessness and destitution, and then to, miraculously, grace and redemption. It is a true story, fully documented through records from school, prison, jail, hospital, and treatment centers. Told in vivid detail of his travels through college, graduate and medical school where he charged forward to a drug induced downward spiral. His addiction, and the attendant consequences, were massive and lasted for years. The horrors of family abuse, stolen money, shoplifting, stolen checks, loss of integrity and self-respect and -on and on and on …. But it did end, finally. And through it all, he kept his sanity and had softer landing than he deserved. It is a story of love, faith and family in the face of sheer insanity.

Maize to Linen

Since early 2005 JOMA has been researching and developing a film project that will explore the overlooked and complex mixed heritage of Afro-Mexicans and their unusual migration to the American South. In the spring of 2008 JOMA completed at 7 minute intro/promo DVD for the larger film project. With this film we step outside of the political debates to explore a culture and a people who face barriers in and away of their homeland.

Ultimately, it will be a ½ hour documentary that examnies how the exploration and understanding of culture enables one to experience common bonds. From the Southwest shores of Mexico to the tobacco fields and textile plants of North Carolina, from Maiz to Linen, is their story. This short was featured (Sept. 08 - Jan. 09) in conjunction with the photography exhibition, "The African Presence in Mexico" at the Afro-American Cultural Center in Charlotte, NC.