Walkin’”—formerly Walking’ to be Free“- is:

a script (by Washington, DC based writers Kenneth Carroll with Jennifer Nelson, (and including a final adaption by Charlotte/LA writer Stacy Rose) is adapted from the book, “Voices of Freedom”.  It is a travelogue and/or a memory book of some of those voices who used the darkness of racism to define the light of freedom.  Told through the voices of actual of some of the participants, and inspired by the Henry Hampton documentary “Eyes on the Prize”, the award-winning PBS film (circa 1989).  “Walkin’ …” is grounded in grounded in contemporary times and in a specific time period of the Civil Rights Movement (1955-1968, particularly in Winston Salem. NC) and weaves the viewer through a tapestry of situations ending in current times, as seen – and told, with a hip-hop flavor – through the eyes – and voice – of Emmett Till.