The Noble Cause

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods

The mission of The Noble Cause is:

To provide social programs, education, access and assistance to services and resources impacting individuals who are unable to get assistance through regular social programs in East Winston, the broader Winston-Salem/Forsyth County community and the Piedmont Triad region.

To develop arts-focused programs generate awareness of the arts as an essential vehicle through which cultural identity/diversity is acknowledged and celebrated.


to encourage residents of East Winston in particular, and the broader Winston-Salem community, the region, and the state in general, to meet life’s challenges through strength, determination and perseverance.

The creation of The Noble Cause (TNC) was inspired by our observations of joblessness and its impact on the community. We desired to be of service to this area in creating TNC to uplift the employment, educational and transportation needs locally.

Provide transportation/mobility assistance (General transportation for groceries, pharmacy, family visits, etc. for an in-need population) We create alternatives to the transportation network in Winston-Salem (specifically in the Reynolds-town neighborhood) thereby increasing residents’ needed access to health care, interviews, and other needed connections and services.

Provide job placement and skill development services that will address unemployment & underemployment. The service will guide and counsel adults in the development of resident-focused entrepreneurial programs, specifically in the culinary and home improvement trades.
Add in/consider other orgs in the areas, towards developing more wholesome neighborhoods, as a foundation for longer term community development work.