JOMA Consults offers clients long-term guidance, and support to solve problems, improve capacity, that lead to effective outcomes. We also provide short-term support and strategies to develop and implement successful projects or solve immediate problems.

Emc Arts, (Community Innovation Lab)

Winston-Salem, NC

We serve as a local facilitator for the Community Innovation Labs which includes facilitating and co-designing portions of community meetings and workshops.

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Harrisburg, PA

We serve as a specialist in arts-cultural organizational development, outreach and facilitation. The work focuses on applying tools/expertise that develops the administrative and programmatic skill level to match the level to the assigned organization and/or program. - Lead Consultant/Strategist in the Community Based Engagement Project and Strategies for Success - Senior Consultant PA Council on the Arts

Thomas S. Kenan Institute of the Arts (Arts Enterprise Lab)

Assisting the arts division in plans to create and initiate short “test tour” of the educational play “Walkin …” (A piece by Washington, DC based writers Kenneth Carroll - with Jennifer Nelson - and further reconstruction/revision from New York based writer Stacy Rose. It is anticipated that the tour will be presented at colleges/universities in the Carolinas and possibly, specific secondary schools in the Piedmont Triad.

Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods (The Noble Cause)

Winston-Salem, NC

The Noble Cause is a developing entity dedicated to encouraging residents of East Winston in particular and the broader Winston-Salem community in general, to meet life’s challenges through strength, determination and perseverance. A start up grant was received from NBN to: 1) Provide job placement and skill development services that will address unemployment & underemployment; 2) Provide transportation/mobility assistance (General transportation for groceries, pharmacy, family visits, etc. for an in-need population); and 3) Offer Financial Literacy/Management Seminar to be provided directly by representatives from Mechanics & Farmers Bank