JOMA Consults offers clients long-term guidance, support, and assistance to solve problems, or improve capacity, effectiveness, and outcomes. We also provide short-term support and strategies to develop and implement successful projects, or solve immediate problems.

Organizational Assessments

to provide a broad overview (and can be a detailed analysis) of an organization’s current level of functioning, and provide insight towards strengthening areas that are in need, or issues facing the organization. Finally, recommendations for improvement are offered to address those areas/issues in the most effective way

Long-range planning

is a mid-to long term process (4-8months) where key organizational elements are defined, articulated and implemented such as: I. Define the organization’s Statement of Purpose - Why you exist II. Examine the mission by using the existing statement, or create new, updated one - What you do III. Create a Vision - A compelling description of the future you are aspiring to create, what the institution wants to look like in 3, 4, or 5 years. IV. Establish Core Values - Statements of what defines the organization and gives it its soul. Values clarify and resolve issues, help determine direction, and build community.

Meeting and retreat facilitation

This is how we do this...

Board development

This is how we do this...

Diversity training

assists clients connect, unite, and advance communities using arts & culture as a vehicle to develop dialogue and collaborative action towards shared community objectives and solutions. As diversity is defined uniquely by each community, we helps connect cultures & integrate communities to ultimately strengthen their social capital.